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With my 10-years expertise in app development, I have now mastered the entire process of apps development for CTV/OTT devices with their certification and full lifetime support.

Welcome to Plexpeer.com, a custom service provider meant to distribute content across digital media channels. Years of experience in the video game and interactive media industry helped us realize that it’s time to re-invent the way users consume video content. Our team consists of creative designers, professional developers, and interactive media experts.

We help business owners launch and maintain their own technologically advanced video streaming services. By tailoring it to every client’s needs, Plexpeer creates a last-word content distribution product that allows you to get in touch with your audience via the modern digital devices.

About us

How we help your business

  • Whilst integration with your on-demand video and live content, we are able to work with various CND servers. We also provide support for players that comply with VAST.
  • Plexpeer intends to inspire the content owners to work out a delivery and monetization strategy. Combining our effort with the third-party video providers, we strive to seek the ultimate solution for every client.
  • Our platform’s functional capacity grants the content owners an opportunity to develop a stellar and scalable streaming service. Thanks to customer management tools and extra features, they can boost VOD monetization to the sky limit.
  • We have taken pains to smoothly integrate our server-side DAI with high-quality content and make the viewer experience off-scale.
  • We are integrated with the leading advertising platforms, which helps to optimize your ad profits. As a well-optimized patented cross ad platform, Plexpeer can help you generate higher revenue for the video content.
  • Thanks to ad transcoding on the server side, the platform ensures the delivery of your digital content across various devices including desktop, smartphone, smart TVs, set-top boxes, and tablets.
  • Speedy video output due
    to TV App Engine
  • 100+ platform coverage
    and global deployment
  • Upmarket technology
  • Cost-effective solutions
    for app development

Why us